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Want some spectacular coffee for home, or to share with your friends? Order some of the same coffees we get for the shop, and we will let you know when the order comes in, you can pick them up right at the shop, when you stop by to grab a cup.

This order will be focused on Cat & Cloud Coffee from Santa Cruz, CA, each bag is 10 oz. Order will be placed 2PM EST, Friday afternoon, Aug. 11.

The Answer- Cat and Cloud’s House Blend (Colombia, Brazil, and Ethiopia), amazing as espresso or drip.

Friend Zone Decaf– Water processed Ethiopian Sidamo Decaf. Legitimately tasty decaf coffee!

Brazil Fazenda Cachoeira- Natural processed Brazil from Mogiano, Sweet and balanced.

Ethiopia Idido Natural- Natural processed Yirgacheffe, look for a bit of berry notes and a solid dose of chocolate ones.

Ethiopia Aricha- A washed Yirgacheffe, sweet, citrus and floral notes.

Rwanda Tumba-  Sparkly and sweet coffee from Rwanda.

Guatemala Francisco Morales- Lively and exotic, not necessarily your standard Guatemalan coffee

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